Soulliaa Rae


About Soulliaa Rae

Creating Wholeness through Healing Arts

Throughout the course of their musical career and healing artistry journey, Soulliaa Rae has impacted the hearts of art lovers and people from all walks of life. As a Healing Artist, Songstress/Songwriter, she uses sound, vocalization, lyricism, wellness workshops, healing equity facilitations and other therapeutic methods to provide healing experiences to those she communes with. 

Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances on the Houston Indie Music scene, continuing to record new singles, and serve the youth and her community, Soulliaa Rae has been earning the admiration and affection of fans or Raez of Love since 2020. She is an artist who attempts to grow in Love, Self-reflection, and Vulnerability daily. And believes wholeness is not only for Heaven, it's for now and her music and healing artistry are tools to spread it in the Earth.

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