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Soulliaa Rae

Is Combining All She's Been Given

As a Healing Artist, Songstress/Songwriter, Soulliaa intentionally supports individuals and communities, especially brown & blaxk ones, on their journeys to wholeness through musical performances and public and private Social/Emotional (SE), Recovery and Equity programming and facilitations.

She utilizes her professional clinical and trauma-informed care experience, and artistic creativity to offer unique restorative individual, communal, and organizational experiences based in Expressive Arts, Positive Body Movement, Grounding practice,  SE, Recovery, and Equity Education.

These experiences take on different forms like communal and/or corporate trainings, expressive arts parties', Community events and performances, private and public speaking and performance engagements and retreats.

Ultimately, Soulliaa is working to see individuals, communities, businesses and society as a whole operating in a way that, accounts for and sees value in the complex wholeness of each unique being. By using all she's been given. Her belief is rooted in the truth that Healing is a necessity and Wholeness isn't only for Heaven; it's for now, and we've been given everything we need today, to see that tomorrow. 

Soulliaa holds a Master's of Social Work degree from Tulane University, a Master's of Science - Disaster Resilience Leadership degree from Tulane University, A Master's Degree in Education, Secondary Science, and Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Africana Studies from The University of Houston and trained in EMDR.

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